Saturday, January 10, 2009


If you're going through the transitional stage from relaxers to natural and really don't have a clue of what to do next , will look no further your hair guru is here to help you get through it.

Now transitioning is not always an easy task at first, for several reasons , Number 1 being the persons true hair texture , but don't get scared! there options to what you can do to help you get to your desired style while transitioning and we'll get to that in a second.

First, ask your self why am i transitioning , it could be for several reason , some do it for religious beliefs , some just like natural look & the freedom and there are some of those who hair is badly damaged from colors , chemicals, not receiving proper care which results to breakage, Okay well enough talk let's get to the proper steps of transitioning , Good Luck!

Step one , this is optional but if you would like to make your natural journey interesting i suggest that you keep a calender(Hair Journal) from the day you start , take pictures each month , so that you can see the difference in lenght , even make a hair tutorial to share with others up until your 1 natural anniversary.

Okay Step 1: Before cutting off your relaxed hair , decide if you want to let your nu-growth come in or if not i suggest you shave all of your relaxer off., My suggestion, i would let the nu-growth come in and decide what lenght i'm comfortable with before the big chop off.

Step 2: Natural need just as much attention as chemically processed hair done , natural hair tend to absorb oils & water faster , so it's extremely important the you treat the scalp with coconut oil , castor oil or even jojoba oil.

Step 3: You'll want to be sure to get a shampoo that may offer you a combination of treatments within one , Moisture lock-in,deep cleasing, silk protein , restores etc.
Here are a couple of shampoos you can check out ,Natural Europe ,Just Natural Organic Hair Care
Carol's Daughter

Step 4: Some natural hair is more resistant than other's like mine , LOL! , there are times i wanted to just slap a relaxer back in my hair but i couldn't because i was on a mission to get my desired style , there are options to softening the hair without doing it chemically , here are some to name a few Natural-Laxer mix Natural Herbal Hair Relaxer

Herbal Tame Natural Hair relaxer

In the mean time there are those of you that just need a good detangler , well i have a good home remedie , after shampoos i tend to mix up my own solution which is basically Vegetable Glycerin 1/2 & Tap Water 1/2 in a small spray bottle , also Botanicals leave in conditioning spray.

Step 5: always use a wide tooth comb.

Step 6: Do not fear or panic if your natural shed quite often , that happens , to keep the shedding to a minimum or none at all be sure to treat hair daily with leave in conditioners , use your wide tooth comb , keep scalp moisturized , when shampooed be sure to always detangle , deep condition the hair after every shampoo & you'll be good to go!

Thanx for visiting my blog , be sure to check back , i'll have more tips on Straightening natural 7 curly hair and the many styles that you can achieve with your hair , God Bless!


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